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The Five Paths To Being the Best at Anything


I’ve posted a lot about becoming the best in your field. Looking back, what are the most successful methods for getting there?

10,000 Hours

Let’s get the most famous one out of the way first: Hard work pays off.

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the theory in Outliers: approximately 10,000 hours of deliberate practice at something can turn you into an expert.

Via Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined:

…the most elite violinists accumulated about the same number of hours of deliberate practice (about 7,410 hours) by the age of 18 as professional middle-aged violinists belonging to international-level orchestras (about 7,336 hours)! By the age of 20, the most accomplished musicians estimated they spent over 10,000 hours in deliberate practice, which is 2,500 and 5,000 hours more than two less accomplished groups of expert musicians or 8,000 hours more than amateur pianists of the same age.

That said, 10,000 hours is…

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marketing to young adults by delivering value via mobile technology

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Brands are starting to realize that their key target market for technology, consumer packaged goods, and retail lie with millennials. This is the young adult market aged 18 through 24. Brands realize that the way to connect to them is by using interesting and value added content, contributing to the greater good, and being aware of delivering this content via mobile networks. Millennials are not the typical shoppers or typical to market to.

Deliver Value

First, brands must realize that when marketing to the youth, they need to market fresh ideas that offer them value. This information must be easily accessible, such as on mobile networks and social media sites.

Millennials are not looking to be pampered or treated like children. Many are young professionals. Although you are targeting them to make a purchase, they do not want to be treated as such. They want to be valuable.

So brands…

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